Peter Davis' Status Update: Frosted for Fashion Week

Peter Davis
Lisa Salzer, the designing blonde siren behind the jewelry line Lulu Frost, had a "Silver and Gold" collection preview/pre-fashion week loan soiree last night at the chic apartment of Lesley Blume, hosted by Annie Churchill Albert, Amanda Hearst and Dalia Oberlander. Tons of chicsters attended, including Zani Gugelmann, Antonia Thompson, Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan, Elle's Alexis Bryan Morgan, Lauren Goodman, Asia Baker, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz, Aaron Bakalar, Serena Merriman, artist David Foote, Julia Erdman, Sabine Heller, Sarah Cristobal, Salzer's boyfriend, photographer Billy Farrell and Fashion Week's Queen Fern Mallis.  Mallis, who collects one-of-a-kind Lulu Frost pieces left with even more LF masterpieces around her neck. I ended up without a huge necklace (where was Mr. Mickey when a necklace needed him?) but did make a mini dinner out of the deserts by Jennifer Lynn Pelka which were served like the jewelry on silver trays. "It was a chance to connect with everyone before they head into the fashion week fray," Salzer told me. "And make sure they felt armed and ready. We didn't discriminate in our lending. I remembered to bring a little Johnny Frost for the boys to borrow - tie bars, lapel pins and vintage military medals." Who doesn't love a man in a medal?


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