Peter Davis' Status Update: Fred Perry: Liberty and Chicness for All!

Peter Davis

I covet Fred Perry shirts (the neon detailed ones they did with Comme des Garcons a few years ago are my fave), so I'm thrilled to learn FP has teamed up with Liberty of London for a new "Blank Canvas" range. The capsule collection incorporates re-worked classics like the pique polos, the Black Harrington jacket and even sneakers (or rather "trainers" in Brit-speak) with two of Liberty's iconic prints: the Mark (paisley) and the Edenham (floral). I prefer the more subtle details of the dizzying Liberty pattern but dandies will love the full-on paisley short sleeved shirt for sassy Spring days. If that annoying Icelandic volcanic ash would dissipate I'd fly to London just to score them...luckily, you can also order them online.

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