Peter Davis' Status Update: Couture Cool by Ashton Michael

Peter Davis

I crave couture and custom-made everything in life. So to go with my new bespoke Timothy Everest suits from London, I now have nine hand-tailored bow ties from Los Angeles by Ashton Hirota (his label is called Ashton Michael, which was his stage name as a kid). Cute and talented, Ashton has a store/atelier in Hollywood on La Palmas Avenue. He designs clothes and crazy show costumes for clients like Regina Spektor, Fergie and James St. James. Nothing is too outrageous for Ashton to whip up. "My business partner Marco and I had to create wearable windmills for the the twirling twins on America's Next Top Model this season, cycle 11. The costumes were made of wood, foam, corduroy, plexiglas. You name it, and it was used to construct it," he tells me, adding, "I cut off the tip of my finger the night we made these outfits and spent the early morning in the ER." We bleed for good fashion!

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