Peter Davis' Status Update: Beads Are Beautiful

Peter Davis

I forever thrive to be more of an Angelina Jolie type -- a hot looking humanitarian who used to cut myself. I don’t have room yet for a Mia Farrow brood of adopted kids, so for now I wear the My World Wish Bead Campaign, which was created by Barton Brooks. Oprah is down with the beads, as are Brooks’ friends like Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller. "The My World Wish Bead Campaign is the first to join disadvantaged women on two continents to create one simple hand-made product to change their world,” Brooks told me. “When a bead is purchased, a job is created in Kenya and Cambodia where our women are paid three times the average wage, provided with health care, day care and savings plans.” Go to to get yours today.

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