Peter Davis' Status Update: Addicted to Cast of Vices' Chic Drug Jewelry

Peter Davis

My latest obsession is the jewelry collection Cast of Vices, designed by Christopher Glancy in the East Village. My favorite pieces in the line, which include cigarette butts, bottle caps and coke bags, are the silver and gold prescription pill charms (featuring Xanax, Oxycontin, Klonopin, Morphine, Adderal, Vicodin, Percocet, Valium). I spoke to Glancy, who sells the line at Colette in Paris, TenOverSix in Los Angeles and Oak in NYC) about pills, pop culture and what the talented designer/artist is up to next.

What inspired the creation of pill jewlery? 
Prescription pills have permeated our modern ethos, altered the face of our society and created an escape from reality. What better inspiration could you ask for in art or fashion? Escapism and fashion have been bedfellows since the beginning, these objects best symbolize that connection. We aren't glamorizing drug abuse, instead calling out the elephant in the room that divides our culture in obsession and distaste.

What is in store in the future for Cast of Vices?
In the following seasons you will see us branch out from previous collections, not only in materials but content. We're exploring non-metal castings and an artist collaboration. Our first collections were very literal in execution, future collections will be more abstract in our approach, while still critiquing pop culture and our surroundings.

Remember, kids, wearing a silver Xanax charm around your neck is so much healthier than popping the real thing!

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