Peter Davis' Status Update: Acting Up in LA

Peter Davis

Being a New Yorker, the only thing I loathe about Los Angeles is traffic. But yesterday, I helped create a bumper to bumper bummer for motorists as I marched from the Mormon Temple through the wide Boulevards of LA with about 1,000 people to protest against the passing of Proposition 8 (or Prop H8te as many call it). The Mormons donated $20 million to pass Prop 8, thus revising the California constitution to take away the rights of gays to marry. Naturally, I am furious -- Mr. Mickey affectionately calls me "the Jane Fonda of the gay rights movement" (I wish!) -- and I beg everyone to act up for equal rights. It's also time for Obama to step up to the plate for the gays and prove to me that my vote was not in vain. I'll be protesting again tomorrow with my friend, the talented actor Daniel Franzese (Bully, Mean Girls) in Silver Lake. I hope to see everyone at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard at 6 p.m. sharp. Next stop: the White House!

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