Say what you will about Pete Davidson, few have contributed more (raw material) to Internet humor in recent years.

Davidson was recently spotted cuddling and licking the inside of his new girlfriend as of early February, British actress-model Kate Beckinsale's mouth at a Rangers Game at Madison Square Garden. The pair sucked face like teenagers in a closet, like they were cosplaying The Notebook rain scene, like they'd just discovered they had mouths, like it was the end of the world, and notably, like Antoni Porowski wasn't sitting right next to them.

Poor Antoni. He's just extremely successful, chiseled-yet-approachable gay man who decided unwisely to attend a sports game. He did not deserve to have to sit for four whole quarters (?) of that game in the third-wheeling splash zone of such a juvenile/apocalyptic display of heterosexuality.

The void of his gently creased brow and expression of existential anxiety and extreme discomfort is... relatable. As such, the resulting viral paparazzi shot (which forced has culture writers across the globe to concoct newly inane synonyms for "make out") is a meme template hand straight down from god.

While Pete's romantic life is a gift that just keeps giving, the MVP (pardon my sports reference!) of this meme is obviously Antoni. Christlike in his own way, he sacrificed himself to give us this holy masterpiece of anxiety memes, and we're so grateful. But through it all, Antoni says Pete, or "Petey," is his "frahnd."

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