Perry Mason: Season 6 (Vol.2), Guest Starring Bette Davis, On DVD

Out now on DVD is season six, volume two of the fun TV mystery series, Perry Mason (CBS DVD). Raymond Burr returns as the wily detective based on the books by Erle Stanley Gardner. During this season, Burr was recuperating from surgery and they got guest stars to take over as attorneys in four episodes (with Burr doing cameos from a hospital bed). Guest spots include Bette Davis in The Case Of The Constant Doyle, where she defends a delinquent kid played by Michael Parks (in full tilt James Dean mode). Davis is great as she flounces around in mink coats, telling Michael Parks to, "get a haircut," But her courtroom antics, involving laying on a table in a trench coat to solve the murder, are a riot. Michael Rennie appeared in The Case Of The Libelous Locket; Hugh O'Brian in The Case Of The Two-Faced Turn-A-Bout, and Walter Pidgeon in The Case Of The Surplus Suitor. Perry, however, returns again with his devoted secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) and private detective Paul Drake (William Hopper) to solve wild mysteries including The Case Of The Velvet Claws, about an expose magazine and a compulsive liar for a client, and The Case Of The Golden Oranges, where Perry hilarilously defends a dog in court.

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