If you're sick of swiping right, keep reading. Perchance is a new dating experience taking dating offline and bringing back the magic of meeting IRL. They host curated weekly gatherings specifically aimed at sparking any kind of connection, be that platonic or romantic in an intimate and safe space. No screens. No work talk. (Don't worry, you can stalk who you meet on IG after.)

Although their events are for everyone, next Thursday Perchance is hosting its first queer/non-binary centered dating event focused on catering to femmes and nonbinary people. Happy Pride! Fall in love!

A Perchance event

"I know I've been hungry for alternatives to modern dating, and know that there's been a demand in society for something different, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community," Luca D'Angelo, who works in marketing at Perchance, said. "As a queer nonbinary person, I was thrilled to help curate their first LGBTQIA+ event for queer women and nonbinary folk. It's imperative we give LGBTQIA+ folks the same opportunities as the rest of society. And not only is Perchance doing that, but our events are carefully curated to ensure a positive experience and the safety of others."

The $35-45 event will include an open bar and a DJ set by Sarah Von H, founder of Rare Peace. Perchance wants to bring together unique individuals for unique dating experience to connect with each other and log off from the mess of the internet. So if you're looking for love, or looking for whatever, apply for an invite here.

Photos courtesy of Perchance

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