Peep This Incredible Lip Art Tribute to Beyonce's Pregnancy Instagram
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Peep This Incredible Lip Art Tribute to Beyonce's Pregnancy Instagram

Queen Bey rocked the world at the beginning of the month when she announced, via an instantly iconic Instagram, that she was pregnant with twins. Naturally, people have been recreating the shot and paying homage to Beyonce's over-all pregnancy-announcement aesthetic, but make-up artist Jazmina Daniel has taken it to the next level.

The LA-based artist recreated the announcement in perfect detail on her lips and posted the results on Instagram last week. It is pretty astounding.

Like an 18th-century miniature painter, Daniel captures the fine details of our modern Madonna and children, down to the serene yet knowing expression on one Beyoncé's face. Not to mention the profusion of flowers in her colorful bower and even her diaphanous veil. Compare, and be awed. (Also, check out those complementary nails. DAMN. That's commitment to an aesthetic.)

If you want to be even more impressed (and deeply jealous of her skills), check out the rest of Daniel's Instagram, which features more tiny lip-tableaus of classic pop-culture moments. From a sinking Titanic (with matching "Iceberg" nail), to the Jaws poster, to countless Disney moments, it's all proof that Daniel has the steady, delicate hands of a high-level surgeon.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

Splash photo via Instagram

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