Ladyfag pouted, naked girls covered in purple glitter writhed on a stage, and all the cool kids danced amongst fluorescent palm trees underneath a spinning disco ball.

Last night in Williamsburg in a currently-empty nightclub space, Marc Jacobs threw an '80s-inspired bash in honor of his Resort 2017 collection (or, maybe, just to throw an awesome party). Jacobs loves a good costume, and the invitation for 'Marc the Night' requested "chic 80's with voluminous proportions...Success, fame and glamour...make Blondie and Brooke Shields proud." #goals

There were Madonna lookalikes, a necessary Prince homage, plenty of side parts with big hair, vintage Mugler--and lots of cocktails. The dance floor was pumping—like we said, Jacobs' knows how to throw a party—and it felt like every beautiful young thing was there to dance the night away. Check out all the wild retro glory captured in our polaroids below.

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