Peep The Puss With This Incredible Vagina-Themed Instagram

Today in Friday finds, we want to welcome you to the aptly-named "Look At This Pussy" Instagram, just one of the many cult accounts we're obsessed with and are convinced that everyone should be following if they aren't already. A parody 'gram that acts as a "visual pun" fighting the (dumb) stigma surrounding the oft-hidden vagina, it's the creation of LA-based friends Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones, who told Bullett earlier this year that they just "wanted to create a space where people can feel like 'it's normal to feel like this' or 'it's normal that I look like this.'"

Plus, who doesn't love the idea of fighting censorship one cleverly-captioned puss power gram at a time? Check out just a few of our favorite, (technically) SFW snaps below and follow, follow, follow! Me-OW.

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