Peep Beyoncé's Punny, Holiday-Themed Merchandise

Peep Beyoncé's Punny, Holiday-Themed Merchandise

"I sleigh all day"

by Annie Felix

Skip the eggnog this holiday season, and get yourself some lemonade! If her new holiday mini-collection is any indication, Beyonce wants us all to have a very Lemonade-themed Christmas.

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From "I Sleigh All Day" (I slay all day – get it?) sweatshirts to shirts decorated with lemon-stuffed stockings, Queen Bey's new merchandise is Lemonade puns galore. And if that wasn't Beyonce enough for you, there's also Lemonade wrapping paper, featuring the fruit of the year and Bey's face.

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Are lemons the new holly? Peep the collection below.

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