22-year-old Heather Golden and Emma Rose are BEAU, the folk-rock duo making waves with haunting vocals and deeply emotional lyrics. Their new video for "Leave Me Be", directed by friend and collaborator Tristan Reginato, draws us in with snapshots of an entrancing, charmed life. The cinematography, equal parts dreamy and manic, weaves together the glamour of red lipstick, the grunge of New York City sidewalks, and the quiet comfort of hugging and dancing with your best friend alone in an empty apartment.

BEAU says of the video, "We've never done a video like this before, where it almost seems like we're filming it. You really get to see what we're like. There is literally a shot that looks like what we look like every single day in the studio, in our environment, just being us and being silly. It's a view into our lives as well as into strangers' lives, and how small little details are actually such a big part of [daily experiences], and how we sometimes forget when a person walks by, it's an entire universe walking by. Some of the best videos capture moments that are not stylized or forced. We loved [making this video] in the most honest possible way."

Check out the video below:

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