If you're currently experiencing grinding existential dread about the Republican Party's relentless efforts to murder us by stripping us of healthcare, getting us nuked, letting the earth die or just straight up allowing the 1% to imprison us in human zoos, here's a little tiny moment of catharsis for you. Paul Ryan is getting owned so hard on Twitter right now. Why? Because in addition to his inability to explain the Graham-Cassidy bill, Paul Ryan can't properly execute a Taylor Swift meme to save his fucking life.

This morning he decided that now would be a good moment to start teasing the tax cuts he's so horny to give to billionaires, with a jaunty little Taylor Swift tax code reform meme. "This is good. Very funny stuff." He thought, as the diehard Papa Roach fan pressed 'publish' on this abomination:

Get it? T.Swift is the new Bangles! The Bangles are bad!

SMDH. Look what he made us do:

And on and on it goes. We seriously recommend you take some time smirking over this thread before you call your representatives today.

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