Paul Johnson-Calderon Chills Out, Then Goes Out

Paul Johnson-Calderon

Where does a B.Y.T. go for a little R & R other than rehab these days? Well, this one goes on yoga retreats. Did you miss me???

Here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks:

On May 9th, I attended the launch of Envirolution, a group that is pioneering "sustainability.” Essentially, sustainability attempts to meet society's present needs, "without compromising the needs of future generations." Founded by Yalies Alex Gamboa, Antuan Cannon, and Timothy Polmateer, the event was spearheaded by the group's fellow Yale graduate (and social butterfly) Stephanie Wei. In attendance were Francesco "Izzy Gold" Civetta, Ally Hilfiger, Everette Cook and his gorgeous girlfriend/Tibi PR girl Kristin Klonoski, Liam McMullan, Timothy Garcia and Chau Ngo, just to name a few out of the sea of bodies. When asked what they were working on next, the four told that they were "developing youth-based small business sustainability auditing programs... Esentially, students are trained to do a number of assessments of small businesses in order to recommend ways in which they can lessen their impact on the environment."

Three cheers for the green movement. It's chic to be conscientious these days... chic and necessary for human survival (no pressure)!

Then, the next day, I went up to Massachusetts to visit my mother for mother's day and then decided to head to Kripalu, a yoga institute located in Lenox, MA, not too far from our house. Personally, I opt for yoga when it comes to a workout, as it gets me in that special place, where my mind is focused and my body is healthy. Yoga, as we know it, is a "body of spiritual teachings and physical techniques" created and practiced over centuries by natives of the Indian subcontinent. Oft referred to as the "stoner workout," yoga exercises the body while relaxing the mind. Kripalu, located on the grounds of the old Carnegie estate in Lenox, is a place for self restoration, self discovery, and rejuvenation.

After about two days, I missed my peeps and was ready to get back in action. I felt well restored after my visit albeit brief. I got back on Tuesday, the 13th, and decided to stop by the opening of Cream, a new boutique on the Upper East Side, to see my good friend, PR superstar, Timothy Garcia. Super hot actress Lindsay Price (90210, Lipstick Jungle) was the host (and a delight to meet as I am a huge fan of Lipstick Jungle, on which celebutante Leven Rambin recently guest-starred). The whole thing was very summery, fun, colorful and flowy. If I was a girl, I'd definitely shop there! I spotted business consultant/girl-about-town Stephanie Wei being quite gregarious as she perused the racks hot summer looks.

Immediately following, and only having practically just stepped off the train from Massachusetts before going to the Cream opening, I hopped into a cab to meet friends and go to an Environmental Media Association and Women's Health magazine event hosted by Chloe Sevigny. I met my friends Maggie Gray and Henry Lihn outside for a quick cig before heading inside. There, I saw Aaron Stern, Derek Blasberg, Ashley Javier, Ange, Gabi and Adi of Threeasfour, Andrew Saffir, Jessica Joffe and guest DJ Jessica Stam. The event was designed to improve the "environment -- a healthy planet for a healthy lifestyle-and [was] designed to attract attention to the cause and inspire women to get involved," said Aaron Stern, who works at Radar Entertainment, the company who organized the entire night.

Afterwards, Maggie, Henry and I went down to Cleveland and Broome to dance the remainder of the night away at Bella's (at Bar Martignetti) with DJ and friend, Alexandra Richards. All and all a pretty solid night.

By far the highlight of my social calendar was May 15th's Operation Smile benefit. To find out more about what Operation Smile is doing to change lives, check out their website at The room was jam-packed with celebrities like Jamie Lynn Sigler, Mariah Carey, and Tinsley Mortimer. I sat with friends, Maggie Gray, Alexandra Richards, Dabney Mercer, Martin Dawson and Sarah Basile. Also spotted at the event were Caroline Cummings, Devon Schuster, Liz Walker, Charlotte Bocly, and Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. Everything ran smoothly and looked amazing, which, of course is fitting, seeing as the event was laboriously and impeccably planned by Dee Dee Sides and Tatiana Sotiriou. The highlight of the night, by far, was not being able to get a cab outside and running barefoot down Canal Street with Alexandra to get to her apartment and do a little pre-gaming before heading to Gramercy and Beatrice.

On the 20th, I decided it was high time for a reunion with my dear friend, the divinely stylish Jackie Astier. And, of course, we had a blast! I met Jackie at Frederick's on Madison Avenue (very uptown, I know) for drinks and a bite to eat with artist Eneas Capalbo, Jennifer Creel, Kate Schelter, Erin Fisher and James Lowther. I of course had to scarf some bruschetta as everyone looked on in horror. Eh, you can't be perfect all the time! Afterward, this motley crue crossed the street and went to the Chanel boutique for a party celebrating the reopening of their fine jewelry boutique. There I made friends with Eva Stern. I just loved her look! I also spotted the lovely Fabiola Beracasa, Olivier Zahm and DJ Coleman.

After a few drinks, Jackie, Eneas and I crossed the street again to head to the Roger Vivier event for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, hosted by Ines de la Fressange. Event photography powerhouse Patrick McMullan was there to capture the moment. I spoke briefly with Alexandra Lind Rose and photographer Steve Eichner. Soon, though, I had to get back downtown to meet up with Alexa, Alexandra and Maggie for some real dinner at La Esquina. I kissed Jackie goodbye and told her to text me later on, and then... best friends and tacos and crazy corn on the cob.


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