Pattie Boyd, Ex-Wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton Pens Autobiography

I stumbled upon some fun, gorgeous and utterly cute of photos of Pattie Boyd today. She has recently penned a tell-all autobiography titled Wonderful Today, which will be released later this summer. No doubt the book will be a page-turner (fingers crossed!). After all, as an ex-wife of a Beatle, George Harrison, whom I love-love-love and Eric Clapton (who wrote wrenching classics like "Layla" and "You Look Wonderful Tonight" about her after stealing the girl from his best friend George), Pattie Boyd has seen a thing or two in her day. Boyd was truly a queen of the Sixties. Aside from her famous marriages, she also modeled and worked as a photographer... sort of like Linda Eastman, though I don't think Linda ever worked as a model. Anyway, so here's a little photo tribute to the original rock 'n' roll babe -- from frolicking with Harrison in the Bahamas in the '60s and traipsing around London with Clapton in the '70s and the '80s to gallery hopping solo in recent months. She's 63 years old now and looks pretty damn good. Can't wait to read her book! By the way, how cute is George Harrison rocking a mod beach get-up complete with fuzzy red cap?!

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in the Bahamas during the shooting of Help. Photo by Curt Gunther/LFI

Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton. (L-R) Photos by SKR & Ilpo Musto/LFI

Pattie Boyd at the Mary McCartney Photo Exhibition in London in July 2007. Photo by Can Nguyen/LFI

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