Patrick Starrr is currently facing intense online backlash and accusations of cultural appropriation from Twitter's West African community thanks to a recent post.

Earlier this week, Starrr jumped onto the "gonna tell my kids" trend by posting a photo of himself in an bedazzled, deep blue outfit and captioning it, "I'm telling my kids this was Cinderella…"

However, it didn't take long for people to question the headpiece, especially as Starrr called it a "turban" in his caption.

Because while Starrr has long sported "turbans" with his looks, many believed his latest headpiece looked a little too similar to a West African gele — a head tie that, in Nigeria, is typically worn to weddings and other special events, per NPR.

Starrr has yet to respond to the backlash, though it appears that he did quietly remove the word "turban" from his Instagram caption.

See some of the reactions to Starrr's outfit, below.

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