Passion Pit has a new album coming out next month, Kindred, and today we get another taste of what to expect with the video for their track, "Lifted Up (1985)." The song is peak Passion Pit -- lots of shimmery synths, lots of lead singer Michael Angelakos' signature falsetto, and a bouncy, pop-heavy beat. The accompanying clip is similarly uptempo, showing Angelakos walking around a big club. But it's the lyrics and Angelakos himself that give off more depth -- despite the peppiness of it all, the frontman sings things like, "I'm so tired. I fight so hard" while looking befuddled and disconnected in the midst of all the dancing rave kids. At the risk of reading into this too much, the song seems to echo the juxtaposition between Angelakos' recent, open struggles with bipolar disorder and substance abuse and his successful, whirlwind music career. It's a career that's apparently once more in flux -- Pitchfork reports that all of Angelakos' Passion Pit bandmates quite the group after they wrapped touring for 2012's Gossamer; for this go-round, Angelakos will go on tour with a whole new backing band. While we hope that all goes well for Passion Pit 2.0, at least they'll still get people dancing.

Kindred is out April 28th via Columbia.
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