In today's "can't even" news, queer rapper Mykki Blanco was just minding his business on a Delta flight when the man in the seat next to him called the cops on Mykki for, reportedly, just sitting next to him.

"He said that he was not comfortable and did not know how @Delta allowed 'someone like me' to board the plane with him and sit next to him," Mykki wrote on Twitter.

When the cop showed up, he told Mykki the FBI would receive a report about the "interaction" and that Mykki would go to jail if he continued to ask questions about why a police officer was present.

After being tagged in Mykki's tweets, Delta Airlines responded saying they were appalled this happened on their airline. They asked to speak with Mykkia via DM.

Hopefully they get to the bottom of the incident and compensate Mykki in some way for having to go through this whole ordeal.

We've reached out to Mykki Blanco for comment on the event and will update with any response.

Header photo via Hunter Abrams/

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