UPDATE: Gigi Hadid posted a handwritten letter via Twitter last night apologizing for her Melania Trump impression at the AMAs. Writing that it "was done in good humor and with no bad intent," she also said she only has "the best wishes for our country." Read her entire letter below.

Last night, Gigi Hadid hosted the American Music Awards and proceeded to imitate Melania Trump during the opening monologue with co-host Jay Pharaoh.

Squinting her eyes and putting on a heavy accent, she referenced Trump's plagiarism of Michelle Obama for her own speech at the Republican National Convention.

"'I love my husband, President Barack Obama," she said in an exaggerated Eastern European drawl. "And our children Sasha and Malia."

However, in a surprising twist, users on the conservative Internet are now the ones calling the performance "racist."

Donald Trump -- despite his speedy response to Vice President-elect Mike Pence's Hamilton fiasco -- has yet to respond to last night's controversy.

photo by Neil Rasmus/BFA.com

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