An "food diary" from May with LA organic overlord and owner of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon (who Gwyneth, of course, counts as inspiration), flared up in a virulent Internet apocalypse on Friday.

Her woefully detached, unbelievable mentions of "bee's pollen," inter-dimensional yoga, and drinking tea out of copper cups have oppressed and fascinated thousands over the weekend.

One person, in particular--actor/comedian Jarrett Sleeper from Los Angeles--decided to make sense of this spiritual trauma by reciting the entire food diary and thankfully filming it for all of us to see.

He also included a money tracker, to show just how expensive this guru's daily meal log is.

Watch as Jarrett--as he says--'exorcises' Amanda Bacon Chantal and all of her copper cups from his psyche.

Hi I became obsessed with amanda chantal bacon the inventor of moon juice and what she eats in a day because of this article i made a video to exorcise it, enjoy or be appalled or both either way thanks love you
Posted by Jarrett Sleeper on Saturday, February 6, 2016
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