The apocalypse is indeed upon us, because apparently the hot, new trend amongst young parents is naming their kids after Instagram filters. That's right, à la Kelvin, Reyes and Amaro.

According to BabyCenter's annual Baby Names Survey, this past year's seen quite the uptick in sepia tone-inspired monikers. And while no one's naming their kid Lo-Fi just yet, names like Ludwig, Lux and Valencia have seen a respective 42%, 75% and 26% spike in popularity.

"They're looking for something unique, but not unheard of," BabyCenter's global Editor-in-Chief Linda Murray told Today , also explaining that, "You take these precious moments in your life and [a filter] makes them even more beautiful, it enhances them. I think people have just really warm feelings about that and these names come into their consciousness."

And you thought Kayleedee Apple Jones was bad.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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