Paper's Beautiful People Party With Duran Duran and Aziz Ansari at Good Units


Most of the Paper staff is wearing sunglasses and using our indoor voices in the office this morning after celebrating our Beautiful People issue last night with Duran Duran at Good Units . it was such a fun night! Guests included our cover boy Aziz Ansari -- as well as  2011 Beautiful People Siggi Hilmarsson, Ovenly, Chris Taylor and Ethan Silverman of Terrible Records, Paul Iacono, Mandy Coon, Rachel Chandler, Stalley, and Claiborne Swanson Frank -- who mingled among lovelies including Erin Fetherson, Will Cotton, Moby, Samantha Mathis, MNDR, Sally Singer, Cushine et Ochs, Gabe Saporta and Cobra Starship . Thanks to everyone who came out and screamed along with us to "Hungry Like the Wolf" while partaking in the sweet nectar that is Absolut Wild Tea. Now we're off to find some greasy food and drink a gallon of water. Until next year!

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