PAPERMAG Went to the Making the Band Finale -- And Survived! (Can't Say the Same For Aubrey...)

Lisa Moon

Last night marked a dark day in television history and I was there to document the cry heard 'round the world. Or at least the girls sobbing at MTV studios. Danity Kane, of dance anthem "Damaged" fame, has broken up! After last week's cliffhanger of an episode, where Diddy whipped out one-liners like it was his job ("Somebody's gonna tell the truth up in this bitch") and set his ultimatum to the girls before callously dropping Aubrey anyway, I couldn't wait for the drama to unfold. So when I entered the studio with my friend/fellow fan John in tow, the junior high ugly in me came out. Giddy and on the edge of my seat, I hollered at whatever chance I got, I chanted "I LOVE WILLIE" (of Day26), and then harassed the precocious Pharrell protege, Teyana Taylor, three seats away from me. It was a RIOT. I guess the other fans didn't think so. Girls were tearing up, people were taking sides in the Diddy vs. Aubrey battle and then things got real serious.

Aubrey (minus Dwoods of the infamous Ebony and Ivory clique) eloquently pleaded her case. She claimed people attack her because "I'm real and I say what I feel" and "this is bigger than me... this is about life." I didn't know what Aubrey was talking about, but I felt for her, if only because everyone knows Diddy kicked her out due to her brunette-to-blond transformation and the gradual, yet unquestionable vanishing of her clothing over the years. Then Diddy appeared (albeit on satellite from his hotel in Florida) as a ray of hope for us all. Though I was saddened by his failure to show, he provided the relief post-destruction, with "Puff is not the bad guy" and "Trust me" to the fans, before hinting at another Making the Band to come. Finally, in true Diddy form, he ripped open his terrycloth hotel robe with a grand flourish to reveal his message for posterity: "I

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