PAPERMAG Goes to L.A.: Day 1

This morning, with little to no sleep under our belts (you may recall last night's election-related festivities) a very woozy Carol, David, Pierce and I, along with the Santa's Party House boys (Andrew W.K. got there just in the nick of time) arrived at the crack of down at JFK to head out to L.A. for PAPER's fourth annual L.A. Project!!! We all got some gourmet delights from Balducci's (JFK is so up-market these days!), read our New York Times and ogled at John Patrick Amedori, Serena's new hipster love interest on Gossip Girl -- OK, maybe I was the only one who ogled at him because I was the only one who knew who he was -- who happened to be on our plane. I spotted him writing in his journal, which seemed very appropriate. After a speedy flight (we got in an hour early), we all headed to the PAPER pop-up storefront on Sunset Boulevard and San Vicente (stop by if you're in the 'hood -- seriously). It's huuuuge and really light and airy. PAPERMAG has its own little area, where we'll be setting up an office and blogging throughout the week. It looks great, and will be perfect for this Friday/Saturday's 24-Department Store!! Then it was to the Hotel Roosevelt, where we're staying, for some showering and a little bit of R&R. Pierce and I made our first visit to In-N-Out Burger, where we each got the Double Double, Animal-style. You can bet it won't be our last visit there, but we're limiting ourselves to once every other day, because we don't want to gain 87 pounds this week. Then we checked out the pool with David and Mickey, and overheard a woman talking some nonsense about how there are three worlds, and how each world is influenced in turn by some otherworldly such and such and we were like, "That's so L.A." and then we heard her say, "Yeah, so we bought that on spec script," and then we were like, "no, that's so L.A.!" And now it's time to get ready for tonight's events: A protest against Prop 8 at the Pacific Design Center and the first official PAPER Project L.A. 2008 event -- the Santa's Party House party!! It will surely be ridiculous. Check back tomorrow for pics and a report. Till then, later dudes.

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