All of Paper's #BreakTheInternet stories in one place!

Photos by Jean-Paul Goude / Text by Amanda Fortini

Tim and Eric Do High-Fashion Drag
Text by Jessica Jean Jardine / Photos by JUCO / Fashion by Shirley Kurata

Chatting With 7 of Our Favorite Social Media Stars IRL
by Paper / featuring Megan Amram, Lil Bub, Marnie the Dog, Frankie Grande, John Wyatt Haskell (@RealCarrot Facts), Arabelle Sicardi and Elliot Tebele (@FuckJerry)

James Franco's 2015 Selfie Calendar
by Paper

Aubrey Plaza On Prank Calls, Online Rumors and Her First AOL Screen Name
by Paper / Photos by Dan Monick

Watch Kim Kardashian Talk Kanye, Her Web Habits and Crazy Internet Rumors
Video by Paper

Snoop Dogg Is the Jackson Pollock of Our Time
Text by Alex Scordelis / Photos by Dan Monick

The Fat Jew Is Running For President of the Internet
Text by Kim Hastreiter / Photos by Gillian Laub / Video by Paper

King Bach Dissects the Perfect Vine Video
 by Paper / photos by Albert Sanchez

Internet Sensation Tyler Oakley Has Some Strong Opinions About Holiday Snacks
Text and video by Paper / Photos by Albert Sanchez

Cameron Dallas: The Social Media Heartthrob Driving All the Ladies Crazy
Photos by Dewey Nicks / Fashion by Martha Violante

Twitter's Biggest, Weirdest Mystery Man On How to Actually Break the Internet
Text by Dril / Intro by Julie Klausner

Watch James Franco Let His Fans Boss Him Around For 47 Insane Minutes
by Paper with help from Google

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