Pamela Anderson Models Her New Cruelty-Free Shoes (and Not Much Else)

Pamela Anderson Models Her New Cruelty-Free Shoes (and Not Much Else)

She's collaborated on a line of vegan shoes with designer Amélie Pichard

text by Whitney Friedlander / photography by Vijat Mohindra / styling by Sammy K at Cloutier Remix

Pamela Anderson has a reputation for using her body to make a statement, be it giving new meaning to the term "lettuce cups" in a provocative PETA ad or signifying the end of an era as the cover model of Playboy's last nude issue. And now she's letting her feet do the talking.

The actress and environmental/animal rights activist has partnered with French footwear designer Amélie Pichard on an all-vegan capsule collection. It went on sale this winter at Opening Ceremony, with 10% of the proceeds going toward her non-profit, the Pamela Anderson Foundation. With their retro colors and all-vegan material, the shoes encapsulate what one would imagine the former Baywatch star's life is like as she carries on her normal routine of jet-setting around Malibu or other beachy locales: slingbacks with a flapper skirt-like shag, available in three fades of denim or colors like chestnut; open-toed pumps with see-through heels; and a more formal closed-toe ruby heel that would make Dorothy jealous. PAPER talked to Anderson about this collection, the glitter on her soles, and having paradise beneath her feet.

You've worked with animal rights for such a long time. Why did you decide that now was a good time to collaborate on this retail line?

Vegan compassion is sexy. And I miss the fun! Being a woman is fun! Being a man is fun! No rules. I'm not the designer. Celebrities are not designers. I don't like the word "celebrity," since people can be famous for no good reason in this social media culture. Activism is fun.

What is beauty? It is any age. It is timeless. It's hard to be glamorous in this digital world. I wish we still lived in black and white. People were more beautiful.

We have to know the past, to think of the future. We live in paradise. Politicians are telling us it's OK. Media prints what politicians say. It's not OK. We have to take charge, demonstrate.Act up! Beware people that repeat themselves over and over. It is a brainwashing trick used by Hitler.

All we can do as humans, as consumers, is search for the truth on our own… Go vegan if you can. Or at least eat less meat.

I wanted to contribute to fashion and beauty to offer cruelty-free fun choices. I have my compassionate lifestyle brand,, that I keep adding to, and this vegan shoe line made in France with Amélie Pichard.

Many of the looks have very much a beachy, Malibu vibe. Why did you decide on this aesthetic?

Pammies has a very beachy vibe. Just chill on the beach with dogs, kids, friends: the real me. The (footware) line is a twist on the '90s image. Why not enjoy it all? Embrace it.

The colors and materials -- like the denim and the see-through heel -- also have a nice retro pop. Why those choices?

We wanted to find cool materials that only 'we' could get away with. And people are crazy for it. I'm so thrilled. Amélie is an artist. I really believe in her. Smart woman. And talented!

The shoes are also quite sexy! Were you trying to make a statement about the growing number of unexpected options of cruelty-free clothing?

They are chic and sexy. Not too high. Very wearable. I love them all.

The shoes have glitter on the soles, which is unexpected. What was the reasoning behind that design choice? Which one of you came up with that?

Ha! I came up with that. When I come home after a night out with friends, the bottoms of my shoes are always covered in glitter -- like the rest of me. My friends are all artists. They like to play arts and crafts with me. I go out in one outfit and come home in a variation sometimes. Never give [photographer] David LaChapelle scissors (and tequila).

We have a funny painters van we like to cruise around in. If you only knew what was going on back there … [Going out] I feel like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. But my friends are the little mice singing away. Normally Whitney Houston Pandora at the top of our lungs!

Would you consider extending your fashion impact to work with Amélie Pichard or another designer on another collaboration? If so, what would you like to do?

I funded this project. I hope it does well and things go smoothly. It was a big investment for me. But I'm open to continuing making new styles of shoes. But, not every season. That's exhausting. And, I think, silly. I like the idea of keeping these out there and having them on shelves all year.

Amélie has leather shoes in her own line, so I want to be clear: Our collaboration is the only vegan collection of hers. She really came through. I'm very proud of us.

I've read that Amélie Pichard calls you her muse. How does it feel that your style and career has impacted someone like that?

It's an honor. I'm flattered. It's funny. She is so young and stylish. I find a lot of talented young artists her age; directors, etc. I'm fine with the new indie film and fashion babies. I'm excited to be working so much. I love to work hard, and I have a lot of fun being a muse. It just means I have to be me -- that's my job! I feel like I'll keep working forever.

It's a great time for me right now. My kids are grown. I'm so proud of them, and they are very proud of Mom. It's very freeing to still be able to be myself. What a relief. And, to have my kids' approval, respect and love is all I need. I even have a man in my life that gets me like never before. That is everything!

We will change the world. All of us. We all just need to do our part. And feel loved. That's when we are at our best. I wish that for everyone. We have paradise beneath our feet. We must change to a green economy, and things will get better. More equality.

It's fun; it's innovative. We are all the architects of a new world. Maybe a new religion: loving the planet and all its beings. Let the ocean regenerate itself. And save the rainforest.

Bless everyone. I hope you can find your purpose like I have. A wild journey.

Make up by Anthony Nguyen at Opus Beauty / Hair by Peter Savic at Opus Beauty /
Nails by Pilar Noire

Art Dept: Oscar Hernandez / Set Design: Mike Pierce / Production: Leah Blewitt / Post Production: Zu Studio

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