Palomo Spain's show at New York men's fashion week cemented what we were all already thinking: Alejandro Gomez Palomo's androgynous genius is revolutionizing menswear and, let's face it, women's wear too.

The 24 year-old, who told Vogue in an interview last month that he works with "materials that are usually used for womenswear", founded the label less than a year ago and has since been doing the most to shatter the traditional gender binary that has long ruled men's fashion.

Alejandro's Spring '17 collection is so goddamn regal it hurts. Think Elizabethan ruffles meets Studio 54 with thigh-high boots (held up by garters no less!), pleated schoolgirl skirts and of course, a lot of skin.

Adios forever heteronormativity, one corset at a time.

All photos courtesy of Palomo Spain.