Padma Lakshmi Gets Spicy
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Padma Lakshmi Gets Spicy

The author and TV host has a new encyclopedia of herbs and spices out.

text by Mathias Rosenzweig / photography by Vijat Mohindra / styling by Sammy K

Padma Lakshmi wants to help you spice up your life. Best known for hosting Top Chef, the Indian-born American TV personality, model and author has written a new book called The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs, out this month via Harper Collins. While working on this "essential guide to the flavors of the world," Lakshmi traveled the globe to learn about rare spices in an effort to provide readers with an A-to-Z reference book that goes beyond traditional peppers, curries and common herbs. Alongside gorgeous color photographs, Lakshmi offers insightful explanations and histories of each ingredient in addition to advice on how best to use them when cooking. "I want it to be something that's beautiful but also useful," Lakshmi says of her book. "Something that people can open up again and again and have in their kitchen on the shelf so they can use it and splatter it with food."

Hair by Amber Kerns
Makeup by Stephen Dimmick
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