So has anyone been watching the Sundance Ozwald Boateng reality show of him trying to get an American backer. I've always been a huge fan of Ozwalds work and for some reason he has never been able to become a big success. Now he is in charge of designing the men's Givenchy collection and he is rocking out his own reality show and although the show is pretty much a bore, he is looking VEERY CUTE on TV. I wonder if this show was the brainstorm of one his superstar Hollywood clients (from Denzel to Spike to Lawrence). I think he can start acting if the clothing thing doesnt work out for him. Although I must say I adore his super sharp super luxe looks for the hot stylish guy. I mean what other guy but Ozwald can get away with wearing a 5000 dollar bright orange or turquoise suit huh?


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