No matter how many new rappers Drake adds to his burn book, or how many Taylor Swifts he pretends to date, there will only ever be two core components to the Drake persona: Drake love Rihanna, Drake hate Meek Mill. These are the only things we can count on in these crazy times.

This weekend on his OVO Sound Radio show, Drake's manager DJ Oliver El-Khatib kicked off his set with the best track off of Meek Mill's new DC4 mixtape, "Offended," which features Young Thug and 21 Savage. "Offended" opens with a guest verse from Young Thug, which was played in its entirety, but just as Meek's verse was about to start, OVO abruptly cut the track. Damn. They then switched immediately to Drake's new track, ALSO featuring 21 Savage, "Sneakin.'" The chorus of "Sneakin'"?

Ni**as keep reaching and dissin'
Can't afford mistakes, not on this end
Make me call my bros for assistance
You gon' make me call my bros for assistance
Ni**as keep reaching and dissin'
Put me in a fucked up position
Make me call my bros, for assistance
Make me call my bro

Damn. The pettiness of it all!

You can listen to both the Drake and Meek tracks in question below... or just go about living your life!

Splash image: Madison McGaw/BFA

[h/t HighSnobiety]

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