Over in an Instant

Kat Clements

It was difficult to chose what to stare at on Saturday.

There were the walls -- featuring everything from self portraits, gilded grids, video installations and an enormous flipbook. There was the skyline -- the dance party atop the Texas Firehouse was still going strong when we left at 3 a.m. And there were the people -- crowds of summer-hot stunners swarmed to ogle the art, the view and each other.

The Instant, curated by gorgeous gals and great friends Katharine Barthelme and Louise Sturges, was a huge hit, so it's no surprise that it's slated to start traveling shortly -- it's looking like London might be next. Fans of the photos snatched up catalogues and custom totebags, while friends snapped up the night on their own instant cams. On hand to have a hoot were the ever-awesome photographer David Black and style-maven Turner, along with my major girlcrush and good friend Elizabeth Spiridakis, looking smashing (with a scorpion round her neck!) as usual. Also reveling were music producer-cum-fashion-fixture Chris McDonald, stylist Randal Jacobs (in Chanel suspenders--snap!) and artist/superhero J. Morrison who custom screened bags until the wee hours (showing off a new print that he's calling "reaching out.")

There to show off his wonderful work, and to capture the madness for PAPERMAG? My personal favorite: Andrew De Francesco, who made chosing what to stare at easy, at least, that is, for me.

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