Outtakes from "Look Up New York," Highlighting the Beauty of NYC's Buildings

By Max Kessler

A lot of New York City tourists spend their days stopping in front of beautiful buildings around New York, and a lot of NYC locals spend their days cursing sightseers under their breath while they exasperatedly weave around them on the sidewalk. Town Residential is trying to mend our jaded ways through Look Up New York, which helps remind us that many of those structures we pass daily are in fact worth noticing, even if they aren't landmarks. Town sent architectural photographer Bob Estremera around the city to photograph the beautiful little details of buildings that aren't historical sites or big tourist traps. For 90 days, they'll highlight one new building along with some fun facts like notable tenants and events in the building's history. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of Estremera's favorite photos which weren't able to be included in the main gallery. Check 'em out below and if you feel like visiting in person, we've included the addresses for your gawking convenience.

Delmonico's, 56 Beaver Street (at the corner of Beaver and S. William Street). Fun fact: Delmonico's was one of Abraham Lincoln's favorite restaurants in New York.

39-47 West 19th Street btw. 5th and 6th Avenue

82 Perry Street btw. West 4th and Bleeker

210 5th Avenue btw. 25th and 26th Street

213 West 58th Street btw. 7th Avenue and Broadway

373 Bleeker Street (at the corner of Bleeker and Summit)

91 Christopher Street (at the corner of Christopher and Bleeker)

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