Outlaws of the Borders' Fall 2010 Line Was Inspired by Tolstoy and Pink Keds

Elizabeth Thompson

Outlaws of the Border designer Lindsay Jones skipped the traditional hotel lobby for her Fall 2010 presentation, opting instead for the cavernous, dilapidated second floor of a Tribeca fabric store. "I think there's a lot of beauty in decay, and the ways the walls and ceiling look in this space, with their paint peeling and chipped, reminds me of the south of France," Jones told PAPERMAG after the show. She's also stepped away from the blacks and blues of her Gothic Spring 2010 line, replacing them with sumptuous silks in fuchsia and magenta inspired by Russian literature and, as Jones tell us below, pink Keds.

There's much more color in this line than your Spring line. What made you want to go in that direction?
That pair of pink shoes on the floor over there? I picked those up and I couldn't stop wearing them. Then I just started collecting colors. A lot of the colors I was picking were pink and purple, and I haven't thought about colors like that since I was child. I also think being in the city, and feeling like the city can be really dark and heavy, also influenced me. I wanted to be light and child-like and to think about the stuff you're drawn to when you're a kid -- fruity smells, scratch-and-sniff stickers, My Little Pony. I was just kind of sick of being dismal.

There was more draping and almost kimono-like shapes in the show.
I've been reading a lot of Russian literature and reading a lot about Tatars and Mongolian warriors and I wanted to work with the image of a huntress on horseback. I think I'm always attracted to Japanese designs, too. It's just very organic and kind of intuitive. All of those influences came to a head for me with this line.

You had a crazy year -- one of your designs was on the cover of WWD and Heidi Klum said she was a fan of your line. Are you working with her now?
I know her personal assistant, so they went through with a stylist and decided what they liked. They're really nice, and asked me to go do a try-on of the stuff, but that's just not the direction that I'm interested in going in.

And WWD?
That was our first press. It was my first collection and I had no idea that that was going to happen. I went to pick up the issue assuming the photo would be inside, and it was on the cover. I was really excited.

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