Outlaws of the Border Report: Zac Posen, Thakoon, Chris Benz, Mario Moya & the Another Magazine Party

Lindsay Jones

Bright and early we started the day yesterday at the Altman Building for Zac Posen. I absolutely adore Zac. I have put my time in at the Posen studio and truly love the family and the team. Zac is known for strong architectural construction and anatomical lines, so this collection was a surprise. Short mini dresses with clear plastic rain coats, feathers, and soft electric blue silk. The collection was tight, bright and ready to wear.

I am digging the shows outside of the tents this season. The individual back drops make the scene refreshing.

Next stop Thakoon -- packed house somewhere on West 21st Street. The press in the streets were a buzzing (spotted Ciara and Chanel Iman backstage). The collection was edgy, yet organic. A nice balance of drape and construction -- the colors popped, with some cool prints and sexy cuts. From beginning to end, a very strong collection.

Then it was around the corner to Chris Benz; what a sweet, sweet surprise.

Again we viewed electric colors but Chris Benz had a super '60s rainbow approach to the presentation. We spotted a few models from our show earlier this week -- they're so great! Tulip sleeves, feather skirts, and pencil jumpers with bomber details. A classy approach to polka dots -- every girls dream, not to mention some pretty fabulous suits. Extremely wearable eye candy.

For a midday break, we had a glass of champagne and laughed a lot -- I mean come on, this is fashion. You have to laugh at some point. It's just too good to be true.

We made a stop at Mario Moya's studio in Nolita. Mario is showing today at 6 p..m and we are super excited! I met Mario at Zac Posen where he was master pattern maker. Mario has also worked for Theirry Mugler in Paris and Marc Jacobs. He is a true couturier. Daphne Guinness is one of his clients. This will be his second collection and although I know the inspiration behind it, I am keeping it top secret.

We ran back to Opening Ceremony to pick up Maria's must have fall skirt and then up to the Armory to check out the Marc Jacobs show. Feeling the super exciting climax of the week, as we walked up we learned the doors were closed!!! My heart sunk. Marc actually started on time... The show was set for 8 p.m. and after years of starting late, Marc started at 8:08. Ouch..

To drown our sorrows we went down to Sweet Paradise on Orchard St. to see my beautiful friend Valerie Geffner perform. She has a new album out -- Antenna. Check it out. Val is eclectic pop orchestra. I love her and her music. We ran into Jessie and Humberto from Opening Ceremony there too. We ended up bumping into them again later in the evening which was lovely. It's funny, we should all be taking a fashion bus around together or colorful painted airplane.

After leaving Chinatown, we quickly cabbed over to the Jane Hotel. We were told this was the Marc Jacobs after party, then heard it was over at Hiro where Lady Gaga was to perform. This was an Another Magazine/Dazed party + MJ after-after-party. We were about to get our pink wristbands and head over but soon found Courtney Love, Kim Gordon (yes, again!), Jared Leto, Bjork, Light Asylum, Shalom Harlow, Genevieve Jones, Terry Richardson, Waris. . . who wasn't there? The champagne flowed and the Jane is so beautiful..

We were dropping it like it was hot till way too early in the morning and now I am running late to today's best shows...

Here we go.


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