Outlaws of the Border Report: Fashion's Night Out Was "Pretty Terrific."

Lindsay Jones

Throughout New York Fashion Week, the husband-wife design team, Lindsay Jones and Gautier Pellegrin, behind one of our favorite new fashion lines Outlaws of the Border, will be blogging for us.

Wow, so Thursday night was pretty terrific, with mobs of people out on the street. It reminded me of Halloween, except with fashion vans, candy trucks and balloons.

We started out at the Opening Ceremony party, which was my favorite of the mix. We love Opening Ceremony with a passion. We saw Humberto and had a lovely moment with Phillip Lim. What more can one say; that was pretty sweet. There were ties being served like cigarettes, the new Pendelton line was front and center -- amazing, cute boys, cute girls.

Next stop was OAK on Bond Street. All of Bond Street was pretty bumping. I saw some pretty crazy carni stuff happening on the street along with individual style maxed out. We stumbled over to a few other stops on Bond. The whole street was a giant party.

Last stop was Brooklyn to the Vena Cava party, which included the entire block, tacos, Bird, and a strange incident that involved the stealing and return of my phone, by Ryan Stratton from Walking Concert -- but that's another story.


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