Out of the Blue: Chilling but Brilliant

You might have missed this when it played the IFC theaters but don’t pass up an opportunity to check out the DVD of Out of the Blue. This extraordinarily powerful film is based on the true horrifying massacre in the rustic coastal town of Aramoana, New Zealand in 1990 when a eccentric loner David Gray (Matt Sunderland) snapped and went on a shooting spree killing neighbors and holding the town in the grip of fear for 22 hours. Director Robert Sarkies beautifully captures the ordinary minutia of people going about their daily lives -- kids going to school, people hanging out wash -- who suddenly have their lives shattered by unimaginable horror. Particularly fine in the film is Lois Lawn as 74-year-old Helen Dickson, hiding in her house with her bloodied dog, and Karl Urban as the local town cop traumatized by the incident. The real humanity of the town comes through in this chilling but brilliant film.

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