We've made it, we've arrived. After a very long period of grainy pics, clandestine meet-ups, Instagram innuendos, the moment is finally here: Selbel has emerged as a fully-fledged, IRL couple that kisses in front of photographers. Honestly thank god because I couldn't take much more.

I do, however, still have a few questions about this image.

Does bb Ab always look this high close-up or is it just this one time?

Why is The Weeknd so reluctant to lean into Selena's loving (albeit, grabby) embrace?

Is it because he is ~ shook~ from run-in with ex-shawty Bella Hadid?

Why aren't they making out?

Couldn't they have made out?

Do you think cameras have anything to do with the fact they aren't making out?

Why do people care Selena's wearing a jacket from Zara?

Are we done now?

[h/t TMZ]
Images via Instagram

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