Our Friendsgiving with Wolvesmouth captured by Pixel 2

Our Friendsgiving with Wolvesmouth captured by Pixel 2

And thanks to unlimited storage, it will last FOREVER!

Theron Long

Do you ever have one of those nights with your friends when you're having so much fun that you don't want it to end? Or have you ever been served one of those dishes that looked so good, you just had to share it with the world? Well, at our recent EXCLUSIVE Friendsgiving dining fête we experienced all the feelz and thankfully we had the right phone to make it last forever!

The food was created by L.A's underground dining sensation, Wovlesmouth. Visual artist, Signe Pierce documented every single dish in her unique fashion. Vijat Mahindra made sure everyone left with the perfect portrait of themselves. And as crazy as it sounds, every single image you are about to witness was taken with the Pixel 2 camera#teampixel.

Click through the gallery to experience all of the mouth watering visuals. Jealous yet?

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