Our Favorite Instagrammers of 2014

by Daniel Arnold
We've been fans of Daniel Arnold's stirring, slice of life street photos for a while now -- not to mention his Instagram account @arnold_daniel -- and could think of no one better-suited to turning us on to ten Instas whose feeds are beautiful, demented, thought-provoking or all three. Take a look at his list of his favorite Instagrammers of 2014.

Whenever I talk about Instagram lately, my eyes start rolling and the grumbling sounds coming out of my mouth aren't even words, but I would never pass up an opportunity to exclude/offend my friends, so I decided to round up a list of my favorite accounts of the year. I'm not saying they're the best. I'm only saying that you should follow these folks, too, and then we'll have something to talk about next time.

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