Our 24 Favorite Looks at Afropunk Fest

by Antwaun Sargent / photos by JiaJia Fei
This year's Afropunk Fest was filled with everyone from skater boys pairing oversized t-shirts and super baggy blue jeans with a head fill of dreadlocks to women and men in colorful head wraps, dashikis and afros. Printed outfits could be seen everywhere, ranging from traditional African Agbada dress to vibrant Indian saris. Jewelry designer duo Coco and Breezy wore matching leather outfits with close-cropped blonde hair and gold encrusted grills (á la Beyoncé in "Yonce") while Lolawolf frontwoman Zoe Kravitz came out in a white crop top, short light blue jeans, a plaid shirt tied around her waist, a felt hat and an orange Chanel bag. We spotted her hanging out with Cara Delevingne after her set (Cara was rocking a gold chain, in case you were curious).
Elsewhere around the fest, we found a guy dressed in a see-through, gold mesh long short (he said he made it himself), gold crown, and white Timberland boots. He told us, "My look is very biblical; I like to look somewhat like a futuristic Jesus."

But just as exciting as the fashion were the hairstyles. There were women in wigs (every color of the rainbow), weaves, locks, twist, and crownrows. One woman named Lauren told us that she had sown yarn into her hair and braided it for a fuller look.

Here, we gathered together some of our favorite looks spotted throughout the two-day festival held once again at Commodore Barry Park.

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