Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and GIF Hound.

It's Friday! Here's a flower. (BuzzFeed)

I wish I could high-five Eddie, the otter who dunks basketballs in a pool to help treat his arthritis. (ibid.)

The most awful bus driver in Britain (and anywhere ever in the world for all-time) was sentenced to 17 months in jail for using his bus to knock a cyclist to the ground. (@BuzzFeedNews)

Don't tell Funny or Die they can't manipulate your photograph, White House. Don't. (Funny or Die)

I know full well that anything I tried to make with the 3Doodler would come out horrible. I still want. (Colossal)

Blue Ivy Carter. She cute. (Fly With Me)

Wait for it. Wait for it. Keep waiting for it. Wait for it. (thefrogman.me)

And finally, Oprah advice. (Live.)

Also finally, this panda. He looks ready for the Oscars and the Oscars GIFs. Only approximately 48 hours until 48,000 Oscars GIFS :) (Sir Mitchell)

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