ICYMI, last year DIY pop cutie Oscar wrote " Breaking My Phone," a universally-relatable song with the sort of lyrics that might as well be my de-facto away message for 2016. Thankfully though, Oscar's just come back with an updated remix, which is made even better by the addition of hyperpop rapper GIRLI, who throws down an extra verse over the Britpop-reminiscent guitar line. Giving the bedroom vibey original a pouty, bubblegum brat kick, her spot infuses the track with a classic 90s call-and-response feel that expounds on the acute anxiety we all feel when the motherfuckers don't text back -- and, trust us, it's super spot on. Listen to it for yourself below and try to refrain from throwing your phone at the wall...again.

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Story by Jonathan Borge / Photography by Pol Kurucz / Styling by Marko Monroe / Hair by Gigi Goode / Nails by Juan Alvear