Well, it looks like Tumblr has officially broken up one of the world's great marriages: Oscar Isaac and The Internet.

After the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, starring Isaac and his truly excellent face, everyone on the internet collectively married the actor and generally lost their minds. However, the wedded bliss was cut short when a shocking revelation about our new husband emerged on Tumblr.

One time, he wore a t-shirt featuring the cover of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's terrible Objectivist novel / libertarian guide to life about trains and long, stupid speeches on the virtues of selfishness.

As much as we once loved our husband, there are some things you can't get over, no matter how much pretend couple's counseling you have. Oscar, it's over.

Of course, there were some good times. Remember when he danced with James Corden? Classic Oscar. Or when he seemed like a jerk in Inside Llewyn Davis, but he was really just so sad about his dead friend? Or every. single. frame. of his beautiful, beautiful face in Star Wars? Those were the days.

Why, Oscar?

Take some time. Think about the ways you grew in your marriage, and then take a deep breath and remember: Gael Garcia Bernal would never do this shit to you.

Here's to a beautiful, stronger, Rand-free marriage with GBB.

Te queremos.

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