Leonard Delaney, erotic fanfiction extraordinaire, and the self-proclaimed "most important living writer today", had crafted what will assuredly be the most earth shattering portrait of patriotic butt fucking of 2016, and, perhaps, of all time.

Oregon Patriots Occupied My Butt, centers around the gun-loving, white domestic terrorists called the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, led by fanatic rancher Ammon Bundy; the terrorist cell is currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, demanding the release of two equally insane ranchers in Nevada from federal prison.

Delaney's tale begins a week into the occupation--that Bundy has stated could go on for years, if necessary--where the men are starting to get all nice and horny from their sexy fucking rifles, since there are no women in sight.

After the men take turns literally boning their guns, Ammon--who is totally not gay--convinces the protagonist 'Cap' to let himself, and the other not gay dudes, run a train on his virgin ass in the least-gay gay gangbang possible.


It continues...

...why stop now?


Just the tip...

You can read the whole thing at Amazon.

God bless you, Leonard, and god bless American buttholes.

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