Opening Party for Peter Gatien's Toronto Mega-Club CiRCA

Earlier this month, we sent PAPER photographer Alexander Thompson up north to Toronto to document the opening of Peter Gatien’s new mega nightclub CiRCA, 55,000 square feet of pure, unadulterated nightlife excess. Touted as more than just a club, CiRCA is designed to showcase art, fashion, music and film and features a screening room, a kitchen and a live concert stage. The club even boasts “the world’s first” Kidrobot Room, designed by Kidrobot impresario Paul Budnitz. According to Thompson, “the club looks like an ultra sleek gallery/shopping mall with a recurring fetish theme.” The highlights, he told us, were a girl with a white wig in a glass shower wearing a see-through vinyl trench coat and holding an umbrella, an Elvis impersonator, a big escalator that took people up to the Kidrobot Room and big black Great Dane sculptures that “guarded” the club’s entrance.

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