Opening Ceremony's Fall 2017 show for Made LA's fashion and music festival, held at LA's Staples Center, was a mega-runway show blowout. With earnest homage paid to painter Georgia O'Keefe, our lady of flowers and vaginas, and a live show from RZA, Opening Ceremony brought soft edge to their work.

The 33-piece collection, creators Carol Lim and Humberto Leon said, was "a hybrid of the artist Ken Price's color palette, mixed with Georgia O'Keeffe's wardrobe." Soft underlayers with hard overtones characterized the whole collection and the contemporary, literal cardboard jungle environment brought the fauna to the flora.

Every element of the runway seemed picked for contrast, interesting conversational juxtapositions. Wu-Tang Clan's RZA freestyled over the runway show's music and Zoë Bell, Uma Thurman's stuntwoman from Kill Bill, put on a martial arts show.

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Header photo via Instagram


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