Open Season on Celebrities

 Now that the charges brought against the paparazzo who crashed into Lindsay Lohan has been dropped it's open season on celebrities. This guy actually crashed into Lohan's vehicle in pursuit of a photo. What more do they need? Look for more aggressive behavior from the paparazzi in the coming months.The case was dropped on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to prove either assault or stalking.The May 31 crash was one of several such incidents that led California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law stiffer civil penalties for paparazzi and their agencies when they commit assault in their pursuit of stars. A broader investigation into whether some photographers engage in criminal conspiracy to get snapshots of celebrities was continuing. Other actresses including Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson have been involved in recent traffic accidents blamed on aggressive paparazzi. Last year,   Cameron Diaz and singer Justin Timberlake sued a pair of celebrity photographers, accusing the two of trying to provoke a fight in order to take better pictures. The photographers sued the couple, saying they had been assaulted.

via Reuters


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