Oops One More Point de Vue Bachelor

How could Mr. Mickey forget to post his personal favorite hot sexy young royal? Okay, so they're all MM's favorite but Carl Philip of Sweden is really a dreamboat.
He's the second child of the King and Queen of Sweden and supposedly the King was pissed because the Parliamnet changed the Salic Law making the oldest child, Victoria, the heir to throne. In the past CP would have been heir even though he's not the oldest. There's a simliar brouhaha happening in Spain now that the Prince of Asturias has his first child Leonor was born on Halloween. Prime Minister Zapatero, who has always been good to the ladies and the gays -- half the cabinet is women and they passed a gay marriage law -- wants to change the law to let ladies assume the throne. The last Queen Regnant of Spain was Isabel II who was a big fat mess married to a pitiful gay!

But back to Carl Philip... mmmmm  delicious!


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